Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jayden's Jungle Monkeys and Michael's Baby Frogs

Frogs  and Monkeys - Yes, I have a request for a frog quilt and a monkey quilt.

Well there are a lot of different choices out there but when you are looking for the perfect material, you can easily get lost.  I knew I wanted to include a monkey and frog cut-out to applique on each.  I called my daughter Megan.  We gave her a Provocraft Cricut  for Christmas that can cut all types of materials. She came over on a Sunday and we had a delightful Mom & Daughter Day designing baby animals for both projects.  We laughed as we crafted and voila -success.  As you can see the frogs have no faces but the monkeys do.  The  inspiration for Michael’s Frogs will come on another day.  Quilting is about imagination and creativity.  Here are the beginnings of the quilts I am about to create.