Just Sew Perfect was established in 2009 by Tina Collier. A lifetime crafter, Tina found her true passion in creating handmade quilts after her retirement in 2006. Following many classes and working long hours in a community studio she desired to have her own state-of-the-art studio. She invested in a HQ Sixteen Long Arm Quilting Machine to take her craft to the next level. Since then, Tina’s popularity and demand has continued to grow wildly in the Philadelphia area. Her strict attention to detail and unwavering passion for creating the perfect design for her clients spawned the name of her organization.

Tina sets herself aside by working one-on-one with her clients and includes them in every step of the design process. This creates a unique experience for each client as their investment becomes a piece of art which will be treasured for generations to come.

Tina stays abreast with new and improved technology and trends in the quilting circles by attending training and conventions throughout the country.

On her own work Tina says, “I think the most precious gift that can be given is something that is unlike anything else - a gift which speaks to the occasion and can be valued for a lifetime. Each piece I design is created with one goal in mind – to craft the quilt my client envisions which is Just Sew Perfect!”