Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas Megan!

About four months ago my daughter Megan http://www.mc2prod.com  gave me a bag of her old, but oh so memorable tee shirts, for a possible future project.  So about 4 weeks before Christmas I started the layout. With the help of a friend and wonderful instructor, Jean www.quiltmasters.net I was able to construct a wonderful heirloom quilt for Megan that will surely give her pleasure throughout many years.  I can tell you that even though I have been quilting for five years there is always room for more knowledge.  The piecing and quilting are mine but Jean did give many helpful hints with the design factor.  Every day with every craft is a new learning experience and thankfully this project put a huge smile on Megan's face this past Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas Megan and enjoy your warm treasure!   

Friday, December 17, 2010

Betsy's Bridesmaid Quilt

This is a quilt that was made by Betsy for her brother Jim & her sister-in-law Shannon.  That beautiful Sateen material was the fabric cut from the dress that Betsy wore that day July 31, 2010 as one of  Shannon's Bridesmaids. From what I understand Shannon was just not so thrilled with the actual choice of the bridesmaids colors but from what I see here it was a wonderful color for both dress and now this lovely memorable quilt.  For the quilting I gave Betsy many choices but this was both mine and Betsy's favorite.  The snowflake hearts panto gave this quilt that romantic finish.  Congrats Betsy for a fine job! I am sure Jim & Shannon will love their very special Christmas surprise.  Thank you for choosing Just Sew Perfect Designs to finish your project of love.